Tattoo Aftercare

Leave bandage alone, keep clean and dry for at least 2-3 hours. Wash tattoo with fragrance free soap.warm water.Pat dry with clean towel. Apply a liberal amount of BEPANTHEN cream, cover area in clean cling film.

Twice a day wash, (it’s ok to shower) pat dry and apply a liberal amount of BEPANTHEN cream cover area in clean cling film (changing twice a day) for 3 days and nights.

After that wash regularly, apply cream with clean hands at least 3/4 times a day for 3 more days. After this you may use a moisturiser to soften the skin and stop the itchiness, E45 is good. Allow two to four weeks to heal, Let scab fall off naturally.

Use vaseline or petroleum jelly.
Pick or scratch your tattoo.
Soak your tattoo in a bath or shower for long periods.
Expose to sun / sun beds
Go swimming


Recommended Aftercare