Thomas Clues is a British-born live music veteran who has worked in Stage Management and live music technical support for more than two decades across five continents.

Clues’ immersion in this globe-trotting industry has ensured that in addition to being an integral part of the live music experience that he acquired and enviable knowledge of music and its interwoven – and distinct - relationships.

As assistant tour manager, stage manager and back-line technician, Clues’ experience turned expertise has underscored the success of live concerts, festivals and television appearances of an array of British and International acts covering almost all musical forms: Folk, Blues, Rock & Roll, Soul, Psychedelia, Pop, Punk, Post-Punk, Indie, Brit Pop, Electronic, Electro-Disco and Hip-Sop Soul.

Clues’ exposure to live music, his knowledge of music’s delicate, indulgent, dangerous, fatal and life-affirming intricacies (and how they govern the creators of music, its industry and public response), has granted him an enviable basis from which to relay his understanding of contemporary musical history through the lenses of recorded and live performance staging.

This knowledge can now be utilised by academia and broadcast media inconsultative, research and analytical capacities.

Clues’ work ‘behind the scenes of the show’ incorporated liaison and collaborationwith band members and artists, their representatives and management. His workwith fellow crew members in senior or peer roles united in the common goal of bringing recorded music to life onstage, around the world in venues from the intimate to Stadiums and everything in between.



Thomas Clues
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