Servants of the Song is a podcast about live music from an insider’s viewpoint. In
this podcast I’m going to take you, the listener, backstage and show you
EVERYTHING that goes into making a concert happen and introduce you to the
people that make a concert happen.

You, the public, buy a ticket, turn up at the venue, find your seats and are
entertained for the evening.

For that to happen there is a world behind the scenes. A world full of fascinating
people doing fascinating or confusing, ‘easy,’ highly-skilled, dangerous, thankless,
exciting, dull and/or very difficult jobs.

I call these people the SERVANTS OF THE SONG.
These ‘servants’ give their lives over to making sure the songs that we all love are
heard and seen, year on year, decade on decade.

My name is Thomas Clues and for more than twenty years I have travelled the
world with musicians. I’m what is known to the public as a ‘roadie’.

Episodically we’re going to meet people and hear stories from every backstage
corner. From truck drivers to make-up artists, riggers to ‘lampies,’ drum techs to
production managers. Merch’ sellers to system techs... the list goes on.

You, the listener, may have never considered what happens during the build up to
a concert and indeed what happens as you make your way home humming the

We’re about to find out.


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